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Shopper Facing Terms

(a) Payment Processing: UKAddress.com ("Supplier") provides international payment processing and order fulfillment through its designated service provider, Calgary Foreign Exchange Ltd. (doing business as GoInterpay) ("GoInterpay") as the Merchant-of-Record. When placing an order through Supplier, your order will be processed using GoInterpay checkout and payment processing services, and you acknowledge and agree that: (a) your payment transaction will be processed via GoInterpay, not Supplier, and (b) upon successful verification and authentication by GoInterpay of payment information provided by you, GoInterpay will accept the transaction, and purchase the products from Supplier for the sole purpose of reselling such products to you at a price equal to the amounts presented to and agreed-upon by you. GoInterpay will provide the merchant or Supplier with its own payment information to purchase the products you have ordered, and GoInterpay will resell such products to you and bill the payment information you have provided. GoInterpay acquires flash title to the products when the products exit the jurisdiction of Supplier. After GoInterpay purchases and takes title to products from the the Supplier to fulfill an order you have placed, you take title from GoInterpay before the products enter the jurisdiction that you have designated as your address for delivery. All items purchased from GoInterpay are made pursuant to a shipment contract. In the event of any disparity or inconsistency between the terms of any shipment contract or order fulfilment terms, the terms of this agreement shall prevail to the extent required to resolve the disparity or inconsistency.

(b) Billing. If you provide a credit card as your tender type, your credit card will be billed by GoInterpay, and charges to your account will be accompanied by the descriptor “GoInterpay” (or such other descriptor as GoInterpay may deploy), which denotes the GoInterpay system, and that GoInterpay is the supplier whose products you have purchased through GoInterpay. If you paid using your PayPal account, charges to your account will be accompanied by the descriptor "MERCHANT VIA GOINTERPAY" (or such other descriptor as GoInterpay may deploy). In either case, you will only be billed after your products have been received, processed and dispatched for delivery by GoInterpay. In the event of the receipt of any parcel from Supplier containing only part of an order, GoInterpay will process the products received, and will only bill for an amount commensurate with the price of the products therein, pro-rated amounts for shipping and/or handling, plus any duty, taxes, VAT (unless GoInterpay and Supplier offered, and you accepted, the option of having your order shipped DAP (‘delivered at place’)). Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of an order being fulfilled by Supplier in multiple parcels, unless expressly consented to by you, in no instance will the aggregate amount billed to you by GoInterpay exceed the total amount presented at the time of order placement by you. If there is a technical error in the GoInterpay system which processes or accepts a transaction at an exchange rate which is manifestly off-market, that transaction shall be void.